Organisation is key!

Is it just me, or the beginning of the year always makes you want to be more organised? 

With such a big year coming up (wedding to prepare, Europe trip, hopefully a few more papers published) I felt like I needed extra help to get organised. I came accross the bullet journal concept. I thought I should give it a try. I had this cool game of thrones journal that I thought would be great for the job.  
 I really love that I can set up long term monthly goals but also more precise and reachable daily goals. I’ve also made a colour calendar, with a few things I want to work on everyday (like not biting my nails or practicing my Italian) it’s so nice to be able to visualise goals and it’s very satisfactory to draw a little cross when I’ve reached a goal (as small as it may be).    

 I have also been (once again) trying to de clutter my drawers (I own too many clothes it’s just ridiculous). Because some were not even wearable (mostly holes) I thought that instead of throwing them away I would do something creative and so I turned them into tshit yarn. Only a few more to go!


That’s it for today!

Hope you’re all having a great week 🙂




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7 responses to “Organisation is key!

  1. I feel like I’m constantly trying to declutter yet just this weekend I spent 20 minutes and fill THREE BAGS (paper bags) with stuff I can donate. Ridiculous. I never shop. How do I have so much stuff???


    • emmazocco

      I know it’s the same for me. I feel like I never actually shop for clothes (the last time I bought something in store war probably in June last year) but somehow my drawers are still full. So strange!


  2. I’ve recently discovered bullet journaling and it’s changed my life. I’m so much more productive!


  3. Hello! I have also just started bullet journaling and it is amazing. Even though I don’t always get my lists completely done, it helps me at least knock off one more thing before going to bed each night… just so my daily log isn’t filled with migrated tasks. Gotta mark at least one as done.


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