Back to normal

Hello awesome people! 

I’m back to my normal posting schedule! I must say that being back home has made my life easier for crafting. 

I got to try my new loom and I’ve already put together a very nice and soft cowl using the infinity stitch. I was so surprised how fast this one actually worked up. 

 It is still a bit hot to wear at the moment but it will be nice for the winter. 

I have also been obsessing over those slippers seen on Pinterest but I couldn’t find any pattern for them until now! I couldn’t find any local shop selling Drops Eskimo yarn so instead I got this gorgeous Vera Moda yarn.  

 I love the feel of it but it was a bit hard to work with at first because it breaks easily if the yarn untwists. 

So far, this is what I’ve got.   

And the finished product should look something like that. 

That’s it for my Wednesday, I hope you all have good plans for tomorrow night (we’re going to see fireworks, I’m pretty excited!)

Lots of love



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9 responses to “Back to normal

  1. Those boots are awesome!


    • emmazocco

      I know!! I’ve been stalking them for at least 2-3 months on Pinterest trying to find the pattern for them! They are going to be so comfy as well I can tell already! ^^ can’t wait to finish them


  2. Jen @ the eclectic stitch

    I have those boots on my to do list.. They look so comfy!


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  4. Just found your blog – it’s great! I’ve made these slippers and absolutely love them. I used Drops Andes which worked quite well. I’m hoping to do a pattern review on them when I get a moment! I’m going to be doing them for my sister and got hold of some Drops Eskimo for it so we’ll see how it goes. It’s cheaper than Andes but I’m not sure it’s going to be as nice to knit with. Time will tell 🙂


    • Aw thanks for the lovely comment! The issue with living in Australia is that I can’t really get any yarn I want from my local shops. And I love to feel the yarn before buying so… 🙂 I hope that the Eskimo is nice to knit with and I’ll be looking forwards to your review 🙂 X

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