The lights at the end of the road

Almost quite literally this time!

I don’t know if you have that at home, but in Australia, some people have mad skills at decorating their homes for Christmas. Tonight we went to see the runner up and the winner of our area for best light display and it was quite amazing! 

I’m afraid that the pics don’t really do the lights any justice, it was truly magical!

And I have finished my Christmas presents at last!

Bulbasaur is ready to be gifted on Saturday! 

And this is part of my secret Santa, for a fishing lover 🙂

Hope you guys are finished or almost there with all your amazing gifts! 





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4 responses to “The lights at the end of the road

  1. Some people have awesome displays don’t they! There is one around the corner from my place that is AMAZING! I’m going to be posting about that one later! Love your little ‘bulbasaur’!!! So Cute!!!!


    • emmazocco

      Oh yes please do post about it! I don’t know how those people get so much patience to put this up but it’s so amazing! I felt like a little girl again 🙂

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  2. Erin and Sky

    Those displays are amazing. I love Christmas lights. I’m with you though. I have no idea how people have the patience to put them up. After putting up the tree we are pretty much done in our house. I’m sure that will change once Sky gets older though. lol


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