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A rainy Monday 

Happy Monday everyone!

The weather got a bit crazy today, it was pretty cool for the season (we are in spring in Australia) and kept on raining. It’s great though because it makes me want to snug under my knitted/ crocheted blankies and do more crochet!

I have been looking around for different craft events and I think next year I will participate in a few exhibitions, just to put my crochet out there and see what other people think of it. I am starting a fun crochet blanket project for that, with an original design based on pixel art.

IMG_2974 Can you guys guess what those are?

Also I have (finally) started on some Christmas gifts, I am making a Mr Jelly n2 for my best friend, but unlike mine, his will be blue.

I wish you all an amazing week!



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Poké-alphabet week 4

I have caught up with the colours in my cross stitch 🙂

So here we have Charmander and Dratini in colour. IMG_2964 IMG_2965

All of the finished pokémon so far


I also needed stitch markers so I made some out of polymer clay, and I converted my little polymer fruits to stitch markers as well.


New pikachu stitch marker


Heart stitch marker


Little heart in action!


Waiting patiently their turn to be involved in my projects 🙂

Have a great weekend guys!



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Amigurumi doll

My timing has been all wrong this week, but I’ve been working on this amigurumi doll. I’ve finished the head and body, and I put some hair in, I really like how it turned out 😊


Also I forgot to post the Harry Potter wands I made for our Halloween party.
  Have a lovely week!

😘 X



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October goals review and November goals

Hi peeps!

I didn’t get time to post yesterday, my day at work was pretty full on and I forgot when I got home 🙂

It is this time of the month again when new goals should be set!

Those were October goals, I crossed the ones that are finished and I don’t think I’ll add too many new ones considering I want to finish the ones I already have!


Finish my CAL (should be done in 2 weeks – posts on Friday). Finished! Hooray! Pics here.

Find another WIP to post every Friday when the CAL is completed (already have a few ideas!). Poké-alphabet with Friday updates

•  Post regular updates of my Edx programming course (Mondays). I abandoned that, I did not get time to do more with work but I have until March so I might get back to it.

• Craft Christmas presents and cute decorations for our first Christmas in our house (we went to my parents’ last year). Not started but definitely on the list for this month!

• Continue the Poké-alphabet updates on Friday.

• Post #WIPWednesdays on Wednesdays.


• Prepare my itinerary for Europe next July. Flights are booked, honey moon cruise is booked, itinerary is almost planned, I only need to book hotels now!

• Finish preparations for my wedding next year. Everything is ready for France, I have my dress, the venue, the food planned, but we still need to get a DJ and send the invites. 

• Go to the gym at least twice a week (my aqua gym classes have been cancelled, so I need to find something else I like to do). I have been, it was hard to get motivated but I have started to run a little and do weights. I haven’t found anything as good as aqua gym that I can go to, but my new challenge is to walk/run 1km under 6 minutes.


• Finish writing my second paper for my PhD. Done the intro and methods, I just started on my results but still waiting for some experiments to finish, so I’d say I’m on track.

• Keep my LinkedIn and ResearchGate profiles up to date. Done that as well, but obviously it’s a long run goal 🙂

What are your goals for this month of November?

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