Craft achievement unlocked!

Happy Monday everyone!

After working on it this weekend, I released my first crochet pattern on ravelry! Yay! You can download it for free here! It is for a snowflake pattern I created on Friday. I was looking for a motif that wasn’t too lacy because I would like to join several of those to make a shawl eventually. I’ve made the first one in white but will be adding pale blue ones as well, for an icy effect.  
Over the weekend I’ve also been doing some Christmas cards. One of my colleagues also loves crafts and lended me some of her paper punchers and her glitters! So much fun! I haven’t taken pictures yet though but I will tomorrow (I need a few more for my Aunty and my godfather).

So it’s been a busy weekend craft wise. Non craft wise, Supanova was really cool, I got some new fantasy books that I can’t wait to start (I need to finish my current book first – the assassin’s fool by Robin Hobb). But, of course, I forgot to take pictures! So instead, I’ll go stalk the Facebook page and make a montage of the coolest costumes to show you guys later this week 😊

Hope everyone had a great weekend and that you had some time to relax and enjoy!




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4 responses to “Craft achievement unlocked!

  1. Erin and Sky

    Cute snowflake! It’s awesome when you can make your own patterns.


  2. Beautiful! This would make a really cool shawl! Or a curtain or something 🙂


    • emmazocco

      Thanks 🙂 I didn’t think of a curtain but it would be pretty nice! It would need to be doubled with some thicker fabric behind though, otherwise I’m not sure it would actually block any light. But it would be perfect in a living room as a decorative curtain


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