FOs over the weekend 

Happy Monday! 

Looks like another week of stormy nights for us. It’s just been so hot during the day that it’s been storming almost every afternoon. So relaxing to go home, put the AC on and craft on the couch listening to rain outside 😊

Talking about crafts, I’ve finished my Tunisian crochet dishcloth! I just love the texture (both front and back) and the yarn I’ve used. It feels great and is actually very effective at drying dishes!   

I have also been stitching this little penguin and thought it would look great as a bookmark, so I crocheted a nice border and made a tassel of the same colour as the border. I’ll probably be making more of those bookmarks (with different designs) for Christmas.   

On another note, I had a pretty interesting weekend, I have done some baking with one of my good friends. They are “Cornes de gazelles” and they are a yummy Moroccan pastries made with manzipan. 

Sadly, my friend is leaving Australia to go back to France at the end of the year. But as she is a photographer, she offered me to do my very first photo shoot. It was a great experience and I think that the reason why it was so good is that she knows me well, so she managed to really get my personality through in the pictures. 

That’s my favourite.   

I hope you all had a great weekend and that Christmas crafts are going well 😉



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