Street inspo and Christmas prep

I just can’t believe it is already Wednesday! 

I just realised that I forgot to post a very cool yarn bombing I came across this weekend.   

This one was my favourite, I didn’t take other pics because I just looked strange taking pictures in the street and also because my dear fiancé wouldn’t stop walking long enough for me to take good pics 😋

I am also happy to say that we have finished putting our tree together.   

I have even made a cross stitch ornament to customise our tree. 

And the one last thing, today is #WIPWednesday after all so there is my Tunisian crochet WIP, I’m making a dishcloth using bamboo and cotton yarn in simple Tunisian stitch.   
Hope your week has been productive so far and happy crafting!



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Filed under Crochet, Embroidery, WIP, Work in progress

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