The week has been slipping away

Today I’m working from home on my computer and that’s great because the weather is really bad! I realised that it is already Thursday and I haven’t posted anything this week, how rude of me! I’ve been crazy busy with my PhD confirmation coming up, and preparing for my trip up the Great Barrier.

I got some great new containers to organise my threads for embroidery and cross stitching, $2.8 at Daiso (it’s a very cool Japanese shop, where most stuff costs $2.8!).


I also made huge progress on Gengar, he should be finished soon 🙂 I’m a bit worried about removing the grid, I hope the shirt turns out good.


And I finally got more yarn to continue my picnic throw, I’ve got 2 squares not (going for 4 total). Do you think I should add a border and if yes what kind of border would you suggest?




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Filed under Crochet, Embroidery, WIP, Work in progress

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