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Mystery Afghan CAL – Week 1

Happy Friday everyone!

I am glad that this week is over, it has been just exhausting! I still found some time to finish week 1 of the Mystery Afghan yarnspirations CAL. The step was pretty simple, just had to crochet 20 granny squares.

And here they are!


I’m currently blocking them so they all have the same shape and size. I’ve been pretty inconsistent but hey! that’s what blocking is for!


Here are most of them (some are still at the blocking stage)

This was actually the first time I tried blocking crochet and it worked super well! I was very glad I tried it, it made all my squares perfectly the same shape and size. Also those are the 4 colours I have chosen for this CAL.


From top to bottom: Colour A: Claret, B: Fuchsia, C: Nude and D: Bone.

I’m thinking the afghan won’t be very big with only 20 squares and I’m a bit worried I won’t be able to use it to warm up in front of the TV. Has anyone already completed this CAL and could tell me how big it is once finished? I might just double the number of squares.

Now onto week 2! Stay tuned for next week’s progress 😉



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Meet Veronica!

Good evening dear crafters!

Yesterday I fell in love with this yarn. Veronica is soft and feels very confortable, I am planning to make a giant granny square out of it to bring out on barbecues and other picnics this upcoming spring/summer. I just love the different shades it has and the feel of it!


What’s your favourite yarn at the moment?

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WIP update

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a good weekend full of relaxing crafting time. I thought I’d start my week by sharing some of my WIP. 


I have almost finished one side of my tapestry crochet clutch. I’ve been pretty inconsistent though with my tension so I’ll definitely need to block it but I’m not too familiar with the technique. Do you guys have tips for a successful blocking? 



 I also dug up this blanket I was working on ages ago. I’d like to make it way bigger but I couldn’t really find the  motivation. Do you have any tricks to get back on track with old projects? 


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How to make a pompon

Hi guys!

Today I want to share with you how to make a pompon with only 2 pieces of cardboard, some yarn and a pair of scissors 😊

So here it is, you need to cut 2 rings that are the same size in cardboard.

Then you put both rings together and tie the yarn on the rings. Make sure that your yarn ball is small enough to fit through the centre of your ring.

Your next step is to wrap your yarn around your ring. The thicker you wrap it the bigger your pompon will be.

This is the hardest step, you need to cut the pompon. Put your scissors in between the two rings and make sure you hold on to your yarn while you cut. Then use a thread of yarn in between the rings to tie your pompon together.


Your last step is to tidy up and make your pompon more even by cutting off the threads that stick out.  

Here it goes! Your pompon is finished! Hope this was clear, don’t hesitate to ask me if a step is unclear. You can use pretty much any type of cardboard.



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Dreaming of spring 🌸

What better way to spend a Saturday than to spend some time doing some crochet?

Today I did start the CAL mystery afghan (yay me!) but it was a bit monotonous so I looked for some flower patterns and found this very cute pansy.

I had to try of course! I’m pretty happy with the result, it would look very nice in a bouquet 😊 now I really can’t wait for spring 🌸

What have you been working on this weekend?




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