Mystery Afghan CAL – Week 1

Happy Friday everyone!

I am glad that this week is over, it has been just exhausting! I still found some time to finish week 1 of the Mystery Afghan yarnspirations CAL. The step was pretty simple, just had to crochet 20 granny squares.

And here they are!


I’m currently blocking them so they all have the same shape and size. I’ve been pretty inconsistent but hey! that’s what blocking is for!


Here are most of them (some are still at the blocking stage)

This was actually the first time I tried blocking crochet and it worked super well! I was very glad I tried it, it made all my squares perfectly the same shape and size. Also those are the 4 colours I have chosen for this CAL.


From top to bottom: Colour A: Claret, B: Fuchsia, C: Nude and D: Bone.

I’m thinking the afghan won’t be very big with only 20 squares and I’m a bit worried I won’t be able to use it to warm up in front of the TV. Has anyone already completed this CAL and could tell me how big it is once finished? I might just double the number of squares.

Now onto week 2! Stay tuned for next week’s progress 😉




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